For Students

We offer students:


We offer the students the chance to grow their financial litteracy through practical experience. We require a certain amount of financial literacy in order to be able to apply to be an Analyst.


Our operational structure allows students to work together in the research process. Team also are given the chance to pitch their research to the clubs general body.  We are the only student organization on campus that engages in the analysis and purchase of financial instruments.

Career Opportunities

The MDH Investment Club is uniquely positioned to be able to help the most dedicated students with the possibility of landing internship positions and summer jobs. This is thanks to the practical experience that our analysts and portfolio managers acquire and develop during their time in the club.

How Does It Work?

  1. Everyone starts as a General Member.
  2. You become an approved member upon being able to show good knowledge in finance.
  3. You can apply to be a Financial Analyst, followed by a stock pitch and an interview, and depending on your performance you may apply to become a portfolio manager.
  4. At the end of every academic year Financial Analysts have the option to apply to become part of the Executive Board.

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